Ford Focus ST 2005 – 2011 Endless brake pads (Front Set)


Product description

Endless Japan are the world’s leading high performance and race pad manufacturer in our opinion, with an unmatched reputation for quality and performance. The Endless PB05 compound is an advanced ceramic-carbon-metal material based on technology used by Endless in the manufacture of their world renowned circuit race pad compounds. Designed to deliver strong stopping power, extreme fade resistance and very good pad life as well as low noise, low dust output and low disc abrasion. The PB05 compound offers the very highest level of performance and fade resistance available for high-performance street cars before moving into true race pad compounds, which are not suitable for street use. PB05 has a positive but not overly aggressive initial bite. Endless specifically engineered this characteristic to reduce the occurrence of premature wheel lockup and unwanted ABS intervention when running street tyres. The PB05 compound has an optimal temperature range of 0-650 deg C, which means that it will remain consistent even at brake temperatures that will see many of the world’s best high-performance brake pads fading badly. Pad wear life is very good and the PB05 pads are particularly kind to discs as well. The compound exhibits very low compressibility resulting in a very good brake pedal feel. All Endless pads feature mechanical retention system on their backing plates which result in unmatched where strength and practically eliminates the chance of pad friction material de-lamination at high operating temperatures. This is the very best high-performance street pad currently on the world market in our opinion. Endless PB05 pads are not cheap but drivers of heavy / powerful / high inertia vehicles will really appreciate the quality and performance levels of these pads. While these pads will provide a significant brake upgrade when used with standard factory brake discs, we highly recommend running then in conjunction with our GT Series high-performance slotted discs for maximum brake performance and fade resistance. Endless PB05 pads can be used for entry-level track days in applications where discs do not reach peak operating temps higher than 650 deg C.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum heat range: 0-650 deg C.
  • Friction co-efficient: 0,52.
  • Recommended tyres: High performance street.
  • Pad life: Very good.
  • Disc wear: Low.
  • Brake dust: Low – Medium.
  • Suitable for street use: Yes.
  • Suitable for track days: Yes. Entry-level.


  • Friction material is edge-chamferred to eliminate brake squeal.
  • Pad backing plates feature mechanical retention system to eliminate chances of de-lamination.


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