EFS X-treme shock

The EFS X-Treme Shock Absorber has taken over three years to develop and test. During this period, it’s had countless trips along unsealed corragated roads, highly strenuous technical off-road situations and has seen many laps of 4wd race tracks in competition vehicles. During this period the X-Treme has exceeded our expectations and has been pushed beyond the boundaries that a normal 4wd shock absorber can endure.

Over-sized Eye Rings & Pin Mountsx-treme-shock-absorbers-bg
20mm Hardened Chrome Piston Rod
Durable Over-sized Concertina Dust Boot
2mm H/D External Wall Thickness
Internal Hydraulic Rebound Stop
Bonded Rubber Eye Bushes
Special High Temperature Fluid
Quality Multi-lip Viton Seal
High Strength Iron Piston Rings
Large 45mm Bore
Twin Tube Hydraulic Design
Dynamic Motion Control Valve
3 year / 100,000 Km warranty